Fuzz testing or fuzzing is a software testing technique used to discover coding errors and security loopholes in software, operating systems or networks by inputting massive amounts of random data, called fuzz, to the system in an attempt to make it crash.

Vulnerabilities in popular and well-known applications also end up with malicious actors and are sold in Cyber Underground for thousands of dollars and used for targeted attacks. 

#OpFuzz – A new dimension in security Testing

#OpFuzz (On Premise Fuzzing) uses Industry proven methodologies and strategies to Fuzz applications on the client’s premises to make sure source code or any other details does not leave the client’s premises for testing. Customer can Fuzz test their code/ applications before final release.

#OpFuzz service is managed by an experienced team which has years on experience in development and security and have been credited for numerous critical vulnerabilities such as Memory Corruption by Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and many more.

#OpFuzz includes end to end process from provisioning on premise Fuzzing environment to user friendly dashboard which provides vulnerability details, severity, priority, and test cases to reproduce issue with just 1 click.

#OpFuzz Highlights

  • In-house Fuzzing environment
  • Uncover bugs before product release
  • Automated Discovery and Reporting
  • Reduce Risk of Code Leak due to on premise environment
  • Identify Logical Programming Bugs missed in source code audit
  • Customized Fuzzing environment provisioning by experienced researchers
  • Propitiatory file format covered with custom Fuzzers
  • Discovery of Security Vulnerabilities before malicious actors
  • Fully Managed support