Threat Monitor – The Holistic Cyber Intelligence Solution

Threat Monitor is a Cyber Intelligence solution which covers variety of threat sources to provide a holistic view cyber threats. Threat Monitor threads in the intelligence gathered using various intelligence collection methods such as HUMINT and OSINT from our highly experienced and motivated team of Intelligence Analysts.

Darknet MonitoringDarkweb/Deepweb/Darknet are theoretically different places but for threat perspective they are same or as commonly called as invisible content, and due its nature this has been one of the most favorite places for criminals to operate. Due to the fact it is difficult to trace there is enormous amount of data and communications which is normally not indexed and not searchable.

Due to its power of anonymity, Darknet has been used by variety of people, such as Journalists, Activists, Government and LE Agencies etc.

The same technology which empowers many people has also been more exploited with bad intent, and over a period of time it has become serious threat in many ways. Few categories of threat information available in Darknet is mentioned below:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Selling drugs and weapons
  • Empowering cyber criminals,
  • Encouraging pedophiles and related activities
  • Supporting Anti-National Militant/Terrorist/Radical groups to operate and communicate from Darknet

Our Darknet monitoring service provides a holistic approach to carefully collect, categorize and disseminate all threat related information based upon customer profile and relevance. In our research, our highly experience team collets information from various Forums/sites/IRC/I2P sites.

Social Media Monitoring In today’s environment, social media plays important part in providing common communication platform for various threat actors. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp are being used extensively to communicate and propagate the threat exchange.

Social Media is also a platform used for self-boasting for various hacktivist groups such as Anonymous and other similar regional nationalist hacktivist groups, such groups use this platform to plan and gather support for their various operations.

Our Social Media monitoring service covers monitoring of any threat information on variety of social media platforms and detailed reporting on events and actors behind any operations/campaigns.

Open Source IntelligenceOpen Source Intelligence or OSINT as it is commonly referred is method of gathering intelligence from publicly available sources, over the period OSINT coverage has changed to a great extent. Earlier only sources such as Blogs, news, business websites, social networks etc. but along with evolution now OSINT also include various Clearnet hacking forums which are open to register.

Our collection experts have years of experience in collecting and prioritizing intelligence using OSINT and sum it up with all possible contextual information which is collected via other private sources, this allows our customers to correlate the information which is being spoken in public media with solid context provided in our reporting

Cyber Crime TrackingMoney has been primary motivation for any kind of cybercrime activity for majority of actors across the world. With the use of crypto currencies along with lots of new innovative monetization techniques it has been easy and convenient for such actors to cash out without getting caught. There are considerable number of market places around where information such as Credit Card, Data Dumps, Stolen accounts, exploits and vulnerabilities are available for Sale or Trade.

Our dedicated monitoring team keeps eyes on all possible Cyber Crime actors and marketplaces, with specialized experience and expertise our team provides regular insights from the detailed coverage of Cyber Underground Marketplace.

Threat Intelligence Feeds Threat indicators are important aspect of Cyber Intelligence as it is imperative for an organization to look at its overall security footprint and then compare these threat indicators to the attacks/events generated across this footprint to identify and block bad traffic and then subsequently make required changes to security posture to mitigate future cyber-attacks.

Our customized feeds provide unique insight to various threat indicators being observed on our highly dynamic sensor network with its footprint across the world. Our Botnet monitoring capability adds live feeds of indicators generated from various popular malwares. Our Threat Intelligence Feeds can be consumed via  Web/XML/CSV and various other formats. Our custom API allows feeds to be directly ingested in to customers favorite SIEM platform.